HI! I'm Missy!


I am an Edmond, Oklahoma photographer that specializes in family, child, high school senior and vacation portraits. With over ten years of professional photography experience and seven years as a public school educator, you are in good hands.


I am first and foremost a wife and mother to our two children. As a family we love traveling, mountain biking, hiking and exploring events in our city. We are always on the go and are often described as adventurous & happy.


I dusted off my camera skills as a new mother over a decade ago, determined to freeze time just a little. I didn't want forced, posed photos. I wanted to look at an image I had taken and remember the sound of my children's genuine giggles and playfulness in the moment. The pictures I hang on my walls are just that - a true memory for our family. Not forced, bribed, or bargained for.


What I want for my own family is what I want for my clients.


Does that sound impossible to you? It's not! I promise! You see, before I became a professional photographer I was an elementary school teacher. I learned to think on my feet quickly with kids, yet also appreciate the moment. My photography sessions are a lot of playing around, movement, and fun.


I'd love to you meet you & photograph your family just as I photograph mine. In the meantime, here are a few of my own family's images that are extra special to me.... not forced, but in the moment & filled with love.