Unveiling the Surprising Benefits of Urban Family Photo Sessions

Let’s delve into three surprising benefits that make urban photo sessions in Oklahoma City and Dallas a must-try for capturing your family’s unique story.

  1. More Time Options, Less Golden Hour Stress

Say goodbye to the constraints of scheduling your photo session during the elusive golden hour. Unlike nature settings where optimal lighting is limited to specific times of the day, the urban environments of these cities offer diverse lighting conditions throughout the day. This means you have the flexibility to schedule your session at a time that best suits your family’s schedule, whether it’s early morning, midday, or even in the evening. With more time options available, you can relax and enjoy the process without the stress of trying to fit within a narrow window of golden hour light.

  1. Embrace Color, Texture, and Architectural Elements Unique to Oklahoma City and Dallas

Both OKC and Dallas boast a rich tapestry of colors, textures, and architectural elements that are unique to each city. From the vibrant street art of the Plaza District in Oklahoma City to the sleek modern skyscrapers of downtown Dallas, every corner of these cities offers endless opportunities for creative expression. Dress your family in colorful, vibrant attire that complements the urban landscape and pops against the backdrop of the cityscape. Experiment with different textures and patterns to add depth and dimension to your portraits. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of Bricktown in Oklahoma City or the cosmopolitan vibes of the Arts District in Dallas, the possibilities for creating striking and memorable images are boundless.

  1. Abundant Backdrop Variety Reflecting the Diversity of Oklahoma City and Dallas

The urban landscapes of Oklahoma City and Dallas offer a wealth of backdrop options that reflect the diversity and spirit of each city. The benefit is that you can have ten different backgrounds in one session – all within a short walk for your family.

4. WIND.

Need I say more? The wind in Oklahoma is insane. I mean, there is a reason why everyone knows that famous musical song, “Ooooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!” Well, it may sweep down the plains, but it pretty much gets blocked by big buildings. On a windy day an urban session is the way to go.

Urban Dallas Family Photo Session

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FAQs for Clients

1.) What types of Photography do you offer?


I specialize in candid family, child and high school senior portraits in the Oklahoma City and the Dallas metroplexes. I also photograph events, sports and headshots.


2.) What location will we use?


I am primarily an on-location natural light photographer. I will assist you in determining a beautiful and scenic location for our session.


3.) What time of day do you book sessions?


Session are booked approximately 1.5 -2 hours prior to sunset or within an hour of sunrise.


4.) What do we wear?


I can most definitely help you with that! After ten years of photographing clients, I have learned what photographs well and what doesn't. Upon booking a session with me, I am happy to connect you with some tried and true styling tips. I will also help you with your specific outfit choices.


5.) My kids are WILD. Can you handle it?


Yep! I sure can! Aside from my own "spirited" children, I was an elementary school teacher for seven years. Not even the grumpiest dad or emotional teen scares me :). Just show up ready to have fun + love on your people. I will do the rest!

6.) Do you travel?


I LOVE to travel with clients! I have been across the globe photographing some amazing families. Booking a travel session with me is way more affordable than you think - plus I provide you with much more than just a standard session. Click on my travel portfolio to see images from the beach, Canada, Bali, New York City and more!


7.) How much do you charge?


Photo sessions are $950 plus state sales tax. This includes at least 65+ digital images, each carefully hand edited by Missy.

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